The Message

He Worked on My Heart, in More Ways than One

During this time my wife and I purchased our first home, started two businesses and were expecting our first child. I put off surgery because if something went wrong, I didn’t want to place more stress on her and our child. Left alone to my thoughts of “what if” during my daily commute, my mind became consumed with death. “Googling” my prognosis made matters worse and it seemed that everyone I met had a story about someone who died as a result of the procedure I was about to undergo.

In the months and years after the procedure the devil flooded my mind with thoughts that any pains I was feeling were signs of impending heart attack. I took two ambulance rides during this time, only to be told by doctors that there was nothing wrong with me physically. My problem was mental and spiritual. God knew it and I was finally starting to understand it. Read More